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Mitchell Electrical?

The team at Mitchell Electrical are fully equipped and qualified to install NZ tiger tails that offer temporary power line insulation. Our tiger tails are certified AS4202, Class I, voltage rated 650V and provide a clear visual warning about the overhead electrical hazard, which keeps everybody safe and protected.

Having serviced the Auckland area for more than 10 years we can guarantee that no shortcuts will be taken – getting your employees/contractors home safely is our utmost priority.

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If you’re a property owner, own a scaffolding company or are working near overhead power lines it is your responsibility to ensure your employees/contractors safety. Touching a live low voltage overhead electric line with any part of the body, tools and/or equipment can cause death or serious injury.

Worksafe Health and Safety Guidelines state that workers must be sure to keep their body, tools and equipment at a minimum approach distance of 4m from the overhead power lines to ensure their own safety and protect the safety of those around them.

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